Airport History



1952 - The Department of National Defence builds a single landing strip, 6,600 feet long, as an emergency landing facility for its CF 100's out of North Bay. Ten CF 100's make use of it in emergencies when they cannot make it back to North Bay. The growing importance of commercial air service to Sudbury is increasingly clear.

1953 - On February 25th, a Sudbury Airport Committee is empowered to proceed with arrangements to build a second runway, a terminal and to procure regularly scheduled service from Trans Canada Airlines, now known as Air Canada. A deal is made on the following principles: (a) Trans Canada Airlines will operate a service out of Sudbury if and when a second runway is built, and (b) the Department of Transport will build a second runway if Sudbury builds a terminal.

A terminal, designed by Hill-Clark-Francis Limited, is originally forecast to cost $75,000. The City contributes $50,000 by debenture, INCO contributes $20,000 and Falconbridge $5,000. Final cost of the terminal is $108,000. The Federal Department of Transport contributes $21,000 in additional funds, INCO another $10,000 and Falconbridge another $2,000.

1954 - On February 1st, Trans Canada Airlines begins regularly scheduled service to Sudbury.
On April 5th, the Federal Government begins leasing the airport to the City of Sudbury for $1.00/year.

1955 - The terminal building is completed February 28th, and officially opens May 15# of that year.

1964 - The new airport cost the City of Sudbury nothing and turns a profit. The last debenture payment is made in 1964.

1970 - The old terminal building reaches capacity and forecasts anticipate that it will reach 146% capacity by 1975.
In keeping with Ministry of Transport policy to anticipate and provide the best and most efficient transportation systems for Canada, plans for a new $1.5 million terminal are announced by the Department of Transport, part of a $2.2 million 6-year improvement program for the Airport.

1971-72 - An Air Traffic Control Tower is built by the Department of Transport in 1971 and commences operations in May of 1972. It is operated and staffed by the Department of Transport.

1973 - The new terminal building opens.

2000 - The airport is operated by the Sudbury Airport Commission from 1954 to 1972. It then becomes part of the City of Sudbury's transportation department. The facility, though municipally run, is owned and subsidized by the Federal Government until March 31, 2000, when ownership and governance is transferred to the Sudbury Airport Community Development Corporation (SACDC), a non-share capital corporation.
As a first order of business, the SACDC oversees a $6.34 million renovation and expansion of the terminal building.

2003 - The new terminal building officially opens on October 16th, 2003.

2004 - To accommodate the high volume of general aviation aircraft, the airport expands the apron area.  This new area is entitled Apron III.

2006-07 - The airport applies to the Provincial (NOHFC) and Federal (FEDNOR) governments for funds to expand the land on airport property to accommodate the growth and development of hangar space.  This new development is named Apron III – Phase II.  The airport is granted funding from both levels of government to complete the Apron III - Phase II land development project.  This new area will boast eight lots for aircraft hangars and additional aircraft parking spaces.

2008 - NAV Canada changes their level of service from a Control Tower to a Flight Service Station. 

2009 - Apron III Phase II is completed.  All but one of the eight development lots are leased.

With business rapidly expanding, the airport applies to the provincial government for funds to build a 20,000 square foot hangar that will accommodate a variety of aviation services.  The Provincial government (NOHFC) approves the project and constructionbegins in the summer of 2009.  This aircraft hangar is the first building of its type to be built by the airport.

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