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Facts and Demographics

2009 Annual Passengers


Annual Advertising Impressions


Annual Business Passengers


Primary Domestic Destinations
Toronto, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie, Montreal, Vancouver, Timmins, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton
Primary Transborder (U.S.) Destinations
Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Orlando, Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale, Denver, Tampa, Boston, San Francisco
Primary International Destinations
Cancun, Varadero, London, Paris, Rome, Manchester, Montego Bay, Mexico City

 The Greater Sudbury airport is positioned as the gateway to northern Ontario and is served by Air Canada, Bearskin Airlines, Porter Airlines and Sunwing Airlines.
 Over 70% of the airport’s passengers are high frequency business travelers.
 Passengers spend an average of 60 minutes in the terminal awaiting flights = captive audience!

Contact Information

Greater Sudbury Airport
5000 Air Terminal Drive, Suite T202 | Garson, ON | P3L 1V4   
P. 1-705-693-2514 or 1-855-FLY-2YSB | F. 1-705-693-2937