Airport Specifications

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For the most accurate, up-to-date, and official information about the Greater Sudbury Airport (YSB), please consult the current editions of the following publications: Canada Flight Supplement, Canada Air Pilot, Aeronautical Information Publication, and check with your local Flight Service Station for current NOTAMs.

Field Statistics


Coordinates N 46° 37° 20°│ W 80° 47° 56°
Elevation 1141 Feet Above Sea Level
Local Time UTC-5 (-4 during daylight saving time)
Owner Sudbury Airport Community Development Corporation
Operator Greater Sudbury Airport
Operating Hours 24/7
Runways Primary: 04-22: 6,600 ft x 200 ft
Secondary: 12-30: 5,000 ft x 150 ft
Aircraft Fire Fighting Services (AFFS)  Category VI from 0500 to 2300
NAV Canada Flight Service Sation 24/7
Instrument Approach  ILS approach for runway 22
IFR & VFR Operations Non-standard CAT II Precision Approach; visabiliy to ½ statute mile
Manoeuvring area 7,425 m² of concrete ramp area; 2,575 m² of ashphalt staging area
Restrictions or curfews None
Noise Abatement Procedures No noise restrictions or abatement procedures
Terminal Building 27,000 sq. ft. building
Full service restaurant
Free WiFi



Contact Information

Greater Sudbury Airport
5000 Air Terminal Drive, Suite T202 | Garson, ON | P3L 1V4   
P. 1-705-693-2514 or 1-855-FLY-2YSB | F. 1-705-693-2937